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Organisational development. Changing organisations for good.

Taking a success-based approach to change.

Organisations are highly complex social systems that cannot simply be steered in one direction in change processes. There is often a huge gap between vision and reality. The tension this causes creates energy for change but also resistance. Tailor-made approaches, which take account not only of structures and business processes but also of corporate culture and employee competences, are required to channel this energy productively.

Work must be carried out actively with all involved and on all levels of the hierarchy. This creates sufficient internal energy for change to start out courageously, stride forward perseveringly and maintain a lasting course.

Possible Organisational Development Issues/Topics 

  • Shaping the future of your organisation (developing visions and strategies with a lasting effect)
  • Developing your corporate culture (e.g. strengthening customer focus, raising employee satisfaction levels, increasing effectiveness or establishing trust)
  • Reorientation of your areas of business, services or products
  • Mastering turnaround situations or crises
  • Adapting your business processes and/or organisational structure
  • Lasting realisation of reorganisation processes, mergers or acquisitions
  • Strengthening and developing your leadership culture 

Important Elements of Organisational Development 

  • Understanding the starting position: completion of an organisational diagnosis
  • Sketch the rough process: development of a change architecture
  • Bring the target image to life: development of a powerful vision and/or an effective strategy
  • Strengthen the drivers of change: management coaching and consulting and/or moderation of management team workshops
  • Implement the change as a whole: adaptation of the organisational structure AND leadership and culture development
  • Keep the process flexible: regular reflection loops and a process-oriented implementation of the change

I support and accompany you throughout the change process, offer you room to reflect and provide you with an external view of things. This places you and your organisation in a position to navigate competently and flexibly through stormy times. I design the process in a way that will allow you in future to calm the waves on your own. Internal change agents support this development process.