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Conflict moderation. Conflicts in teams and between people.

Finding the way back to each other.

When people work with each other, different characters with different needs and values come together. Certain situations, e.g. unclear structures, high levels of pressure or a lack of leadership presence, hamper smooth cooperation. Tensions quite naturally emerge and – if adequately addressed – are essential for the development of potential courses of action.

However, if these tensions are not addressed appropriately, the situation hardens and may appear to reach an impasse. Quick solutions generally only aggravate the situation: they don’t adequately fathom out the purpose of the conflict.

Situations like these require the professional support of a neutral third party. I serve as a moderator and mediator for your team or the conflicting parties and establish a situation in which they can listen, understand and talk to each other. Everyone is given the opportunity to achieve a better understanding of their own standpoint and the views of the other people concerned. I help the conflicting parties to develop their own rules and agreements for fair cooperation. The only solutions that will last are the ones that people work out for themselves.

The positive side effects of such a process are that the people involved become better at handling conflicts and improve their social competences. The energy they now direct forwards keeps their organisation innovative and on the move.