Our global leadership team is now more open, enters into dialogue, gives (and accepts) feedback and addresses blockages at an early stage. Our thanks to Sandra Lenhard for her clear and methodological support, her sensitivity to even the weakest signals from the team, and her courage to intervene strongly and adopt a critical and reflective attitude where required.

Werner Boeing, Head of IT, Roche Diagnostics Ltd.

In the course of a comprehensive organisational development process, Sandra Lenhard quickly grasped the situation in our organisation. Her vast wealth of experience in change processes and her strong sense for people and situations contributed to bringing about a massive change in our ways of communicating and working together and helped us to focus on our strategic goals.

Ines Furler, Managing Director DHL, Supply Chain Schweiz

Many thanks for clarifying and harmonising the very challenging constellations in our team. With your talent for addressing delicate topics directly yet with absolute care and sensitivity, we were even able to resolve some hidden fears and conflicts.

Reto Baumgartner, CFO, BLS AG

Our expectations were definitely exceeded. Sandra Lenhard created a climate of dialogue and trust in a very challenging situation for all concerned (integration into Credit Suisse). She addressed all the different and at times very personal needs of the individual participants and provided us with valuable food for thought and inputs. There was even room for humour.

Hans Rudolf Maag, Head Training & Development, ClaridenLeu Bank

Many thanks for the great moderation! You mobilized everyone to participate in open dialogue – even when it meant having to leave their comfort zone. We are all now pulling together and working as a team.

Max De Vries, Head New Businesses & Solutions, Sulzer Metco Management AG

Thanks to the cultural development process, cooperation within the board – and also between the different GGA business units – has improved significantly. Sandra Lenhard has extensive experience in working on the so-called soft and hard factors in change processes.

Beat Ambühl, CEO, GGA Maur

Very involved and intense – and with a clear focus, which helped us to make important progress on key issues. The valuable inputs on HR and leadership were a definite bonus for us.

Beat Kamber, Head Customer Field Service, Swisscom AG

A convincing analysis of the status quo in our complex cooperation project formed the basis for the definition of suitable measures. The latter have proved to be of lasting support for our project in a challenging political environment. Sandra Lenhard understood how to involve and support even our steering committee, which is made up of high-calibre political representatives.

Peter Zimmermann, Gesamtprojektleiter ZAV (Zürcher Abfallverwertungs-Verbund).

Sandra Lenhard won my trust right from the outset. I particularly value her obvious sensitivity and her ability to handle even challenging things with respect. I am now able to deal with very complex project situations calmly and more effectively.

Antonia Kyburz, Leiterin Qualitätsmanagement, SBB Regionalverkehr Zürich

A very successful day, and the ideal preparation for the real world. Sandra Lenhard put her heart and soul into the lecture and gave us the benefit of her extensive experience. A huge compliment: she was the best lecturer I have ever had!

Teilnehmerstimmen CAS ‚Excellence in HR Consulting’ im Rahmen MAS HCM an der ZHAW

Sandra Lenhard’s presence and perception of the situation in the group was the deciding factor for me. Thanks to her skill at keeping the ship on course and her ability to remain noticeable and sincere, there were suddenly seven people, not seven function holders in the room, who then succeeded in identifying many new ways of improving their cooperation. Amazing!

Alexander Loistl, Legal Counsel/Risk Manager, Sulzer Chemtech AG

One of the best trainers I have worked with in the past five years. Very good content embracing lots of topics from the real life of a consultant. Very interactive training – especially for such a big group. Excellent methodology.

Participants’ feedbacks ‚Consulting Foundation Training’ InfosysLodestone, Zürich

Organisational consulting in times of increasing complexity

In what direction do organisations, leaders and teams need to develop?

The challenges facing organisations and the people within them are more complex now than ever before. Market dynamics force organisations and their teams to permanently develop. Those who are unable to adapt, will ultimately get left behind.

The setting is rarely favourable for change. Change demands a great deal – sometimes even too much – of the key players in an organisation: they are expected to align it to the new demands, mobilise the workforce and reach the stipulated targets quickly and with as few complications as possible.

As an expert for organisational consulting and development, I help you and your team to prepare for the challenges you face: I work with you to create tailor-made development processes which respect the things that are already in place, ensure cooperative partnerships and allow you to reach and maintain your goals. I accompany you on your journey and provide you with the support you need to define new paths, try them out, introduce learning loops and make your way purposefully into the future.

This is the service I offer, and I do so with great enthusiasm and passion for my work.

All large developments originate from internal processes.
W. Brian Arthur

Sandra Lenhard. Helping People and Organisations to Develop.

Initiating – inspiring – supporting.

The success of an organisation depends on the people who work in it. Each individual employee has their own skills and potential and makes their own contribution to this success. Organisations that achieve great things develop strategies and structures AND get their employees on board. They involve them in what is going on and are rewarded in return with access to their maximum, achievable joint potential, which in turn sets developments in motion.

As an expert for organisational development and leadership, I provide you with advice and help you and your company

  • to shape the future of your organisation,
  • to plan and implement organisational development processes,
  • to develop your management team and establish a sustainable leadership culture,
  • to address and overcome challenging leadership and cooperation situations, and
  • to define your status quo and develop further as a person and as a professional.

My expertise

Interdisciplinary competence (Business Studies & Psychology): in my work, I productively combine my wealth of experience in “hard” and “soft” factors and make this available as required.

Many years of management, consulting and training experience in national and international corporate settings: I know from my own experience what I am talking about. My work is correspondingly specific and practice oriented.

Targeted further education, training and self-reflection: by continually striving and working to develop my own skills and competences, I am able to guarantee high professionalism – even in delicate situations.

My portfolio

Organisational development: consulting and coaching for comprehensive change processes

Leadership development: design and realisation of sustainable leadership training programmes for the development of practical management and leadership competence on an individual level

Management coaching: coach and sparring partner for demanding leadership challenges, in situations of transition and reorientation, and in efforts to expand your options and increase your own effectiveness

Moderation: design and facilitation of management workshops, team development sessions and large group events (e.g. on topics such as future planning, strategy implementation, cooperation or role clarification)

Seminars: design and realisation of practical seminars with lasting effects

Conflict resolution: Support and mediation in work-related conflicts

My Consultant Profile

Link to My Consultant Profile


Lenhard S./Reise A. (2013): Führung als Beziehungsarbeit. In: R. Königswieser/E. Lang/U. Königswieser/M. Keil (Eds.): Systemische Unternehmensberatung. Die wirksamsten Theorien, Modelle und Konzepte für die Praxis. Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, Stuttgart. Link to book (only available in German)

Motivating people – focussing objectives

Happily and enthusiastically facilitating change and development.

Motivating people to take responsibility and autonomously define and initiate change and development – for themselves, their team or their organisation – is something I do with pleasure and with a passion. In doing so, I help you to achieve long-term business success for your organisation. My approach is:

  • Holistic and based on experience: I watch out in my work for important links between strategy, structure and culture. Insights and experience from different worlds flow equally into the process with productive results.
  • Warm, intuitive and intelligent: I support people from a holistic perspective and I do so with heart and mind. I intuitively and mindfully also uncover the invisible aspects of change, i.e. those that lie below the surface, to ensure change is successfully achieved.
  • Appreciative and clear: I approach existing structures, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour with respect and appreciation. Which of these will still be useful in the future? And which could prove to be a hindrance? Effective suggestions and clear statements help you to define your path to development.
  • Fair, lasting and on a partnership basis: No matter what your corporate goal is, my objective is to help you to define your own path to this goal. I see myself as a temporary coach and sparring partner, who provides you with orientation and support using tailor-made methods, measures and procedures.
  • Bold and humorous: Many of my clients want me to hold up a “mirror” and show them what is going on, even if this does at times also reveal uncomfortable aspects. I address such challenging issues boldly and sensitively. I also try to incorporate some light-heartedness into difficult situations: I like to laugh with my clients and help them to design development paths that are fun, even if they do go round in circles! 

What are organisations and managers concerned with in the modern business world?


In times of increasing complexity, people and organisations have to adapt and develop more than ever before.

Do you find yourself dealing with the following and/or similar questions? 

  • In what direction does our organisation need to develop to cope with the challenges we face both now and in the future?
  • How can we manage to retain competent employees and be an attractive place to work?
  • How do we establish a more open and transparent leadership culture that demonstrates greater confidence in the potential of our staff?
  • What do we need to do to establish a stronger customer focus?
  • How can we bring about lasting change without focussing too much on ourselves in the process?
  • How can I as a manager enthusiastically and effectively handle the challenges we are facing without falling by the wayside myself?

I provide you with a safe setting and environment in which you can discuss your issues openly and embrace change. Together we develop lasting solutions that are both motivating and create new opportunities.

Successful symbiosis through networks


If expertise is required, experts are on hand to provide it. Just as one creature profits from another in nature, I draw – depending on the situation – on the skills, ability and experience of the colleagues in my professional network. We support and complement each other and thus create a successful symbiosis of expertise from which you fully profit.

I co-operate with the following organizations or involved colleagues:

I also reflect regularly on my work in super- and intervision groups and am a member of the Swiss organisational development forum (OE-Forum Schweiz).

Organisations. Subjected to constant change.

Actively shaping lasting change.

Rapid change is now an omnipresent fact of life. Organisations find themselves facing constantly changing demands. Accordingly, they must be able to continually develop and adapt. Yet achieving lasting change still remains a difficult endeavour.

General-purpose change models promising the ability to steer the future do not do justice to the complexity of organisational change. If you are looking to address change and shape the future of your organisation professionally, then I am the right partner for you. We will work together to establish effective processes that mobilise your workforce and encourage the people in your organisation to actively shape this change.

Organisational development. Changing organisations for good.

Taking a success-based approach to change.

Organisations are highly complex social systems that cannot simply be steered in one direction in change processes. There is often a huge gap between vision and reality. The tension this causes creates energy for change but also resistance. Tailor-made approaches, which take account not only of structures and business processes but also of corporate culture and employee competences, are required to channel this energy productively.

Work must be carried out actively with all involved and on all levels of the hierarchy. This creates sufficient internal energy for change to start out courageously, stride forward perseveringly and maintain a lasting course.

Possible Organisational Development Issues/Topics 

  • Shaping the future of your organisation (developing visions and strategies with a lasting effect)
  • Developing your corporate culture (e.g. strengthening customer focus, raising employee satisfaction levels, increasing effectiveness or establishing trust)
  • Reorientation of your areas of business, services or products
  • Mastering turnaround situations or crises
  • Adapting your business processes and/or organisational structure
  • Lasting realisation of reorganisation processes, mergers or acquisitions
  • Strengthening and developing your leadership culture 

Important Elements of Organisational Development 

  • Understanding the starting position: completion of an organisational diagnosis
  • Sketch the rough process: development of a change architecture
  • Bring the target image to life: development of a powerful vision and/or an effective strategy
  • Strengthen the drivers of change: management coaching and consulting and/or moderation of management team workshops
  • Implement the change as a whole: adaptation of the organisational structure AND leadership and culture development
  • Keep the process flexible: regular reflection loops and a process-oriented implementation of the change

I support and accompany you throughout the change process, offer you room to reflect and provide you with an external view of things. This places you and your organisation in a position to navigate competently and flexibly through stormy times. I design the process in a way that will allow you in future to calm the waves on your own. Internal change agents support this development process. 

Leadership culture. Flexible dialogue and communication.

Sparking new enthusiasm through cultural change.

The market sets the pace. The modern world of business requires a leadership culture that sets developments in motions and clears the way for more flexible management ideas. Competent, motivated and self-sufficient employees master complex challenges better. Increased individual responsibility and self-organisation, teamwork, creativity and sufficient room to try things out are in greater demand than ever before.

Management is being increasing given the task of creating a strong, shared vision that all staff can “embrace”. Leaders should inspire, encourage, involve, plan, structure and assess – and they should get the balance right in doing so. At the same time, they should constantly maintain a focus on the basic philosophy of providing value to the customer. 

I support and accompany you on your path to a new culture of leadership – one that sparks a new level of enthusiasm for a common goal in all concerned.

Leadership. Strengthening a living organism.

Measuring up to new challenges.

The demands placed on modern leaders have changed. The times of strict, hierarchical styles of management are over and have given way to leadership cultures that can measure up to the fast-moving pace of the market and adapt flexibly.

Nowadays, leaders have to meet to new demands:

  • They have to produce optimal results in increasingly shorter periods of time
  • Employees want to work in an organisation they can identify with
  • Customers want individual service
  • Cooperation with partners and a networked approach to business are gaining increasingly in relevance

I support you in the development and growth of your own leadership competences and in establishing a sustainable leadership culture that produces effects – and has a lasting and positive impact on organisational performance. We will work together to strengthen your management team and establish them as role models for everyone who works to make your organisation a successful and happy place.

Every development is a process that has to find fertile ground before it can take root and grow. With my support in projects, seminars and coaching, you will cultivate this ground and develop and maintain the leadership strength that will ensure the long-term success of your organisation.

Leadership development. Developing and retaining leadership potential.

From reaction to action.

Stress and overload are familiar occurrences for many managers. Many of them still subscribe to the opinion that they have to have everything under control or at least give the impression that this is the case. With this kind of attitude, they run a great risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. Regular downtimes – be they in leadership seminars or in other formats – provide leaders with an opportunity to keep their work vibrant and alive.

Sound basic methods and techniques form the basis of effective management and leadership. However, positive effects can only be achieved when managers know and apply them. Examples of such methods and techniques include target agreements, staff appraisals, staff development measures, delegation, work and problem-solving techniques, etc. Accordingly, effective leaders need to be able to:

  • communicate and react appropriately to conflict
  • make difficult decisions
  • deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • handle resistance and conflicts
  • react well under pressure and/or in times of permanent stress
  • know and recognise their own limits
  • manage themselves

The ability to self-reflect forms the basis of such competences: the more managers are aware of themselves and their own impact, strengths and weaknesses and the more willing they are to learn and develop, the more effective they will be as leaders – especially in complex situations or environments. These competences can be learned through constant self-reflection, feedback loops, timeouts and a basic willingness to constantly review one’s own role, impact, limits and uncertainties.

Possible Leadership Development Formats

  • Foundation seminar for new managers
  • Development processes for experienced managers
  • Development programmes for talented individuals and high potentials
  • Leadership workshops (practical work on current issues with contextual input as required)
  • Specific courses – also in short format (e.g. leading change, dealing with complexity and uncertainty, handling conflicts, raising your profile and impact, dealing with stress and pressure)

The use of supplementary leadership development methods and techniques (e.g. peer learning, coaching, mentoring, 360-degree feedback, shadowing, personality and potential identification tools like MBTI or BIP, outdoor elements) has also proved effective in achieving a lasting effect.

I will adapt each method, technique or format to your specific situation and starting point and tailor them to your particular organisational and leadership culture.

Management coaching. Leading effectively in challenging situations.

Room to reflect for a better quality of life

Today’s managers have to handle many conflicting priorities and are frequently faced with challenging management dilemmas that are not easy to resolve. They have to:

  • optimise results in the short-term AND guarantee long-term success
  • constantly change the organisation AND represent the interests of their staff
  • be omnipresent and competent AND constantly develop and reflect on themselves
  • champion the organisation’s values AND act in a motivated and genuine manner (even if this means that their own values have to take a back seat)

No matter how challenging or complex your situation is, I can provide you with the support of my coaching skill and experience. I am there for you to talk to, I serve as your sparring partner, I provide you with honest feedback and coach you on your path to development. Our dialogue provides you with a different view of the situation, allows you to reflect on your own patterns of behaviour and helps you to better understand your own contribution to existing problems. You receive effective input, develop alternative solutions and approach your work with new vitality. This, in turn, gives you more autonomy and frees up space for more exciting activities.

Possible Management Coaching Topics

  • Knowing and leading yourself better
  • Mastering challenging leadership situations
  • Accepting and shaping a new leadership role
  • Mastering complexity
  • Achieving lasting change
  • Strengthening teams and improving cooperation
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Handling stress and pressure
  • Establishing a standpoint and specifying the prospects for the future
  • Reflecting on the essential questions
  • Giving exhaustion or demotivation their necessary space and taking appropriate personal steps

Since every situation is different, I will provide you with individual support tailored precisely to your own needs and situation throughout the development process. You decide when you are ready to pursue your management role with renewed strength, energy and pleasure.

Teams. Achieving great things together.

Bringing people and processes to the fore.

Teams are the driving forces in every organisation. The ability of its teams to work not just as established units but also with other teams is a decisive factor in an organisation’s effectiveness. Open communication and the ability to cooperate play a deciding role in achieving great things – in the same way that the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle come together to reveal the whole picture.

But everyday business is shaped by targets, decisions and general conditions that test trusting relationships and bring communication to a standstill. Regular team timeouts help to maintain performance and efficiency.

Do the following or similar situations apply to you?

  • You have a new team and need a suitable kick-off
  • You want to assess the position of your team and find out where it stands
  • You are facing changes and need a shared focus
  • You need to optimise your contacts and clarify roles
  • Your results are deteriorating, and fluctuation is on the rise
  • There is constant tension and debate, and your team is not producing its best

I work directly with teams, contributing my own expertise in group dynamics, moderation and handling conflicts and helping you to develop the solutions you need. I offer motivation, support, reflection and feedback, but I also confront you, make things visible – and help you to create the opportunities your team needs to become a model team, whose work and methods of operations serve as a shining example to other teams.

Workshops. Addressing issues.

Your pathway to a new sense of awareness.

Successful cooperation – regardless of whether in management teams or workgroups – is becoming progressively more challenging in times of growing pressure, amplified speed and increasingly virtual cooperation activities. At the same time, very little room is allocated to joint reflection and essential topics. It can often be productive here to go “offsite” as a team and engage professional support.

As an experienced moderator, I design and moderate your workshops professionally, directly, diplomatically and with a balanced mix of method and feeling.

My moderation workshops: 

  • Team development workshops: establishing the status quo or starting from scratch; developing images of the future; defining roles, cooperation activities and processes; clarification of tensions or challenging cooperations situations, etc.
  • Conflict moderation: moderation and mediation of hardened work-related conflicts in teams or between different conflicting parties
  • Moderation of offsite management events: on topics like reviewing and outlook, shaping the future, cooperation, innovation, leadership impact
  • Moderation of large group events: on any number of different topics both as “one-offs” and as part of change processes

Conflict moderation. Conflicts in teams and between people.

Finding the way back to each other.

When people work with each other, different characters with different needs and values come together. Certain situations, e.g. unclear structures, high levels of pressure or a lack of leadership presence, hamper smooth cooperation. Tensions quite naturally emerge and – if adequately addressed – are essential for the development of potential courses of action.

However, if these tensions are not addressed appropriately, the situation hardens and may appear to reach an impasse. Quick solutions generally only aggravate the situation: they don’t adequately fathom out the purpose of the conflict.

Situations like these require the professional support of a neutral third party. I serve as a moderator and mediator for your team or the conflicting parties and establish a situation in which they can listen, understand and talk to each other. Everyone is given the opportunity to achieve a better understanding of their own standpoint and the views of the other people concerned. I help the conflicting parties to develop their own rules and agreements for fair cooperation. The only solutions that will last are the ones that people work out for themselves.

The positive side effects of such a process are that the people involved become better at handling conflicts and improve their social competences. The energy they now direct forwards keeps their organisation innovative and on the move.

Individuals. Personal development that’s fun.

Shaping your own future instead of simply keeping up.

It is no longer enough to be “just” a good worker. The growing complexity and increasing pace of business demand more and more from people in a professional context. So seize the opportunity and grow with the increasing demands

  • Make use of targeted professional and personal development measures to help you cope better with the pressure of growing demands
  • Improve your performance and ability to manage yourself
  • Keep up-to-date and actively shape your future instead of simply keeping up or even drifting behind
  • Strengthen your role and your own impact
  • Develop your potential and specific talents

And last, but by no means least, personal development – learning new skills, trying things out, raising and maintaining your worth as a qualified and sought-after professional and leader – is great fun!

Choose the option(s) that suits you best from my seminar and coaching portfolio.

Seminars. Mastering challenging situations competently.

Take a step back, reflect, learn, and apply.

Seminars that are based on first-hand experience captivate, inspire and stir people into action. Give yourself and/or your team the space and opportunity to take a step back, reflect and learn. I offer a wide range of relevant seminars.

My seminars for people in challenging situations

  • Change Management: leading and shaping change processes
  • Effective Leadership: practical development of leadership skills
  • Managing Teams: developing high-performance teams
  • Lateral Management: leading without a management function
  • Relationship and Social Skills: people skills for managers
  • Recognising and “Managing” Conflicts: conflict management for leaders
  • Effective Consulting: developing the impact, skills and competence of internal or external consultants (e.g. HR partners, internal organisational developers, external management consultants)
  • HR Training: team and organisational development, change management, coaching, moderation and conflict management for HR business partners and HR specialists
  • Effective Communication: getting the message across, even in challenging situations
  • “Keep Cool”: remaining calm under pressure

My seminars and learning pathways are tailored to your specific needs and designed to have a lasting effect. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your needs further.

Coaching. Achieving clarity – gaining confidence.

Acting with confidence on a personal and on a professional level.

What position do you find yourself in at the moment? Where would you like to be? What would you like to achieve? There are times in both our personal and our professional lives when we would value the support of a sparring partner to help us find our path and make important decisions. I am happy to assume this role. We will work together to identify your options, raise your self-awareness and develop a possible path to resolve the issues you face.

Are you contemplating one of the following topics?

  • Establishing an authentic profile
  • Career planning
  • Changing or refocussing your career
  • Your personal impact
  • Developing your own potential
  • Stress management
  • Mastering crises

Coaching is a confidential process! We will work in absolute confidence, and I will provide you with the sense of security you need to explain and figure out your situation. To allow a switch of perspective and initiate change, I will confront you gently with the things I observe and pick up from you and provide you with feedback throughout the entire process.

We will work together to find out what is really on your mind, where your core competences lie, and what you need to meet your needs and achieve your goals – thus allowing you to draw on your full resources. Use my inputs to develop your strengths and successfully follow your chosen path.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Lenhard Organisationsberatung GmbH

Eidmattstrasse 38
8032 Zürich

Mobil: +41 79 458 22 93
info (at) lenhard-consulting.ch

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